Meet the Barista: Taylor

Taylor is our newest barista, and we already love her! The first thing Taylor said when I approached her about this post was, “Oh boy, this is exciting,” and I couldn’t agree more!

So what’s Taylor’s story? She came to IUP as a non-traditional last year after working retail to help support her live music addiction. We like to refer to her as a “dead head” in the fondest way possible, though I have heard her talk about following Phish up and down the east coast. Like I’ve been saying, Taylor is pretty awesome.

After following her favorite bands around the festival circuit for a few years, Taylor decided to further her education as a Spanish education major. When she isn’t creating coffee masterpieces, Taylor’s interests include music in all capacities, jewelry making, and pursuing a natural lifestyle. Her interest in the latter started when she became a vegetarian 5 years ago.

Are you ready for a mini-interview with Taylor? I am! I am!

image1What’s your favorite beverage to make?
I enjoy making lattes because I have fun with the process. It’s cool to have to juggle pulling the perfect espresso shot while steaming your milk and experimenting with flavor shots. 
What’s your favorite beverage to enjoy?
While I enjoy making lattes, my own personal tastes are more simple. My go to drink is drip coffee served black. When you start with great coffee beans, you don’t need to mess with them! 
That was an excellent answer! And, that’s exactly what I would’ve said….
What’s your favorite art medium?
When it comes to art, I love every medium but my favorite is creative writing. Writing my thoughts, reading other people’s, listening to them in song form…I love it all. That’s why I always get so excited to work Lit Night! 
I’m seeing a theme here with Lit Nights. Hopefully our readers are catching it too!
What’s your favorite thing about working at The Artists Hand?
Can I say the free coffee? Just kidding. The PEOPLE! I work with the most understanding, sweet, and talented people, and I’m surrounded by artists all day. What more can you ask for? I also love that while my job title is ‘barista’ I get to re-pot plants, hang art, and paint walls. No two days are ever the same. 
Best. Answer. Ever. We love you, too, Taylor! #CrayCrayforTayTay
What are your dreams and aspirations?
My main dream is to find freedom and true happiness. That’s really all I’m looking for, that’s what I think is life is all about.image5

One thought on “Meet the Barista: Taylor

  1. Taylor is lovely young woman who has always been an exceptional soul. I’ve loved her for years as a neighbor and friend. I’m sure she will be a favorite of all your customers as she brightens up your corner!


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