Coffee Fact Friday

Coffee is the second-most traded commodity on earth. Oil is the first.



The Down-Low on Decaf

Have you ever wondered why our decaf coffee just tastes SO MUCH BETTER than anyone else’s? (Please excuse our immodesty here; we’re usually pretty humble). Well, it’s because our coffee is decafpicstitchSwiss Water Processed, or SWP.

SWP is the only decaffeination method that doesn’t use chemical solvents. AKA we’re not adding any thing weird or unidentifiable to your coffee beans to extract the decaf. Instead, our beans are decaffeinated using good ol’ H2O. While many think that the name suggests that it uses Swiss H20 to take care of business, that’s not the case. It’s called Swiss Water Processing because the brilliant Swiss developed it–changing our lives forever. Thanks to SWP, people who love coffee can still get a decent cup even if they find themselves with a health issue that requires them to drink decaf. Delicious coffee and no heart palpitations. WIN!

So how does it work? We won’t get too technical on you, but let’s see if we can explain this adequately. Basically, the coffee beans are soaked in water, so the caffeine is extracted from the bean and into the water. This way, the coffee’s flavor components remain. That’s why our decaf still tastes like a single origin specialty coffee–because it is! We love science!

The caffeinated water that the beans were soaked in is then processed through charcoal to remove the caffeine. This way, the water can be used for the next batch of coffee. SCIENCE AND RECYCLING! Hooray. This almost makes me like decaf…almost.

Clipart Illustration of a Healthy Red Heart Running PastNext, the coffee beans are dried and rebagged. They’ll start a new life as 99.9% caffeine-free!┬áBecause it refuses to use any chemical solvents, even in the recycling of the water, SWP costs a bit more, but if you ask us, it’s totally worth it!

When you have a cup of our Sumatra Mandheling Decaf SWP it’s going to be heavy-bodied, rich, and syrupy–it’s the specialty coffee you deserve, even if you’ve been banished to the world of decaf.